Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Astronomical Shard Images

I've written a little bit before about applying astronomy photo techniques to the projects I'm doing. Well, I'm really enjoying it. The painterly, surreal quality of the imagery along with the muted tones and colours reflect the atmosphere of many of these places I am visiting. And I love the process of distorting then rebuilding a coherent image with the pottery fragments I am finding.

These four are the simplest photos from this process. They are just shards underwater, but deep enough that they are not being moved around by the wave action. The bottom one is especially cool - as I was doing the photos a starfish crawled up and photobombed the scene (you can see it in the bottom right corner):

This next one is a little more complicated, and is sort of how I had imagined this project would go. This is a stack of selected photos of shards being washed away by the waves. This is just 64 frames stacked, but, considering I have over 200 frames I would like to use, this is just a sample of the finished product:

These are just a few quick samples. I have so many raw images it's going to take months to go through them all.

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