Thursday, July 11, 2013

King's Point

I Stopped for a lovely visit with my old friends David and Linda in King's Point. They are potters, but they are also avid adventurers and beachcombers in their own right. I thought, in addition to any hospitality I might receive, they would have lots of information about places I should go and things I should do. They are totally interested in local history and geography, and often use local clays and minerals in their ceramics.

Well David especially was interested in what I was doing and immediately got on the phone trying to find me a boat ride to a cove called Indian Burying Place. It was a European settlement for a long time, and according to David, is littered with pottery shards. But even before that it was an aboriginal settlement and apparently a soapstone quarry. I have been told that it is possible to find fragments of stone tools and vessels there.

Sadly, no matter what we tried, there was no transportation available. Situations like this have arisen a couple times now, and I look at them as information for future adventures. Indian Burying Place will be on the top of that list for sure.

So, in the morning I snapped a couple quick pics of the shard pile behind the studio and hit the road again.

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