Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mecahnical Issue

Had a minor mechanical issue as I was leaving St. George's - I popped two spokes on my rear wheel. This is something that doesn't happen that often, but even so a prudent cyclist carries a few extra spokes just in case. I was not carrying any. I went on with my wobbly wheel as far as the Robinsons turn off where I stopped at the Midway Motel and called Peter at Cycle Solutions in Corner Brook. He put some spokes on the bus for me, but they wouldn't be arriving until 8pm. So with some time on my hands I called up Brian and Reed, the only ceramicists (that I know of) on the whole southwest coast of Newfoundland, who just happen to live in Robinsons. Brian was cutting wood when I arrived, and Reed was cooking a big feed of lobster which we quickly made into a delicious meal.

They also showed me around their place (although I've been there before) and I just had to snap some pics of their shard piles. These are the two they currently have on the go, but they also told me they had to fill in a septic tank a few years ago and used a huge pile of shards for that. So that's what you do with twenty-odd years of shards.

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